Counselling can help you gain clarity, focus and deepen your self-awareness & understanding; reduce stress and provide general support to you. ​Holistic Development & Wellbeing offers a safe and confidential space to support your journey and enhance your sense of wellbeing.
Counselling is available to people across the lifespan providing you with a space to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences and develop  personal tools and skills to navigate life:

Coping with feelings like stress, sadness, anxiety, anger, shame and grief;
Adjusting changes you experience;
Reduce Stress:
Exploring your feelings associated with death and dying;
Support you in difficult choices that might involve work, family or other social activities or commitments;
Exploring different ways of managing painful emotions and experiences;
The experience of caring for someone;
The impact of trauma.
There are many reasons why you may seek counselling:
​​General support & reflection
Abuse recovery
Career support
Chronic Illness/Disease
Emotional Distress
End of Life Decisions
Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Pregnancy & Birth
Stress Management
Substance Abuse/Addictions
Workplace issues

Interpersonal Problems
Life Coaching
Life Transitions/Change
Marriage/ Relationship Breakdown
Palliative support
Panic Attacks
Parenting & caring
Post Natal Depression
Post Traumatic Stress

Holistic Development & Wellbeing provides an holistic and person-centred approach to counselling. 

Strength Based - Holistic - Trauma Informed - Narrative - Solution Focused & Attachment based 

​Meditation Therapy & Mindfulness​​ Practices

Each session is tailored to your needs and designed to support your journey.​​
Frequent Ask Questions about Counselling
Holistic Development & Wellbeing offers the following appointment options

Online via secure video calls ONLY

          Appointment at one of our locations in the Dandenong Ranges,  Home Visits, 
On-Site and Office Visits are currently being suspended following the COVID-19 Health Alert. 

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​​Holistic Development & Wellbeing prides itself to offer affordable support - please contact us to arrange payment plans or discuss possible discounts depending on your situation.​​
Frequent Ask Questions about Counselling
The success of counselling is very much based on the professional and confidential relationship and regular sessions are recommended to increase the positive effects of the therapeutic support. However at times single sessions can also be helpful.
The initial consultation includes an assessment of your needs, hopes and wishes to establish an individual plan of support.
Holistic Counselling focuses on the Whole Person (Mind, Body & Spirit)

Holistic Development & Wellbeing is committed to provide a quality, registered and affordable services - Fees and Charges are based on the Fee Schedule of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Fees & Charges​​ - Counselling & Coaching
The fee for Individual Sessions starts at $110.00 per 60 min.  Please see our Fees & Charges Document for further details.          
Fees & Charges
​​Additional fees might be charged for travel, additional phone consultations, reports and cancellation.​​

Services  are charged as outlined in our detailed fee schedule document. 

Holistic Development & Wellbeing is a registered EAP provider with the Child Protection Health Program, providing CP practitioners access to fully funded counselling and support.

Holistic Development & Wellbeing us also a registered EAP provider with SMG Health. 

Please contact me for further information and quotes prior to your booking.

You may be elegible for a rebate or fully funded services.
Holistic Development & Wellbeing is able to provide Therapeutic Supports  - please contact me for further details and to discuss your options.

Holistic Development & Wellbeing welcomes referrals through SMG Health providing Counselling to Individuals through their Employer funded Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - ​​​Please contact me for further details. 
Holistic Development & Wellbeing welcomes referrals through the Child Protection Health Program Victoria providing EAP services including Counselling to Individuals working within Child Protection  Victoria - ​​​Please contact me for further details. 
You can also find out more about professional development & support here.
Registered with peak bodies to ensure quality and professional service

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